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Wendy Kontir

Photo of Wendy Kontir

Wendy Kontir joined Goudsouzian & Associates in 2017, as the firm’s receptionist and client service specialist for Trust and Estate planning. Her work experience includes an officer in the trust department of a private New Jersey Bank, para-legal for a New Jersey firm in Oldwick, and a professional garden designer for a Hellertown nursery.

A little note to Leopard fans, she is the Great-Great Granddaughter of Ariovistus Pardee of Lafayette fame and many buildings on campus were donated by members of her extended family, notably the Markles and Van Wickles who were first cousins.

Her daughter, a figure skater, is currently a pre-vet freshman at Penn State University. Her son, a Swain School graduate, currently attends The Hill School as a Fourth Form boarding student. He is an elite ice hockey player, therefore the family travels across the country often.

When not in an ice rink, Wendy enjoys sailing, gardening, sewing, and interior design. Her family resides in Williams Township and are members of the College Hill Presbyterian Church.