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Bethlehem Estate Planning Lawyer

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyer

Proactively planning for your future healthcare decisions and distribution of your estate is something everyone should consider, regardless of the age or size of the estate. By considering the options now, you will likely save time, expenses, and court intrusion in the future. Goudsouzian & Associates effectively communicates with clients so that the creation of their estate plan truly reflects their individual goals. We welcome you to schedule an initial consultation with us to discuss your needs. Contact our Easton estate planning law office.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

We provide a full range of estate planning services so that we are able to ensure we meet the legal needs of our clients. The following are some estate planning services we provide:

  • Last will and testament: Without the creation of a will, trust, or other estate planning instrument, the state will determine how to distribute your assets upon your passing.
  • Trusts: A trust can be created within a will to pass assets to heirs during your life, in order to minimize estate taxes and avoid probate, or to protect an individual with special needs regarding government benefits when inheriting assets.
  • Healthcare proxies, living wills, and advance directives: Unless proper documentation is established, there is no procedure for doctors to follow when an individual requires life-sustaining care. Considering these decisions now helps doctors and relatives know how to proceed in the future.
  • Power of attorney: We help clients create necessary documents to appoint an individual to manage financial affairs now or in the event that they may become incapacitated.
  • Guardianships: Sometimes, it is too late to plan ahead. We help clients through the court process to obtain a guardianship when a loved one has become incapacitated, to ensure their financial and healthcare needs are managed
  • Other estate planning: Estate tax planning, charitable giving, estate conservation and other estate planning

Quality Lehigh Valley Estate Planning Guidance

By learning our clients’ financial situations, wishes for probate or avoiding probate and decisions regarding the transfer of family legacies, we are able to help them create an estate plan that enables them to feel secure, confident and comfortable.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer.